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Watch a 2 min overview of the self-paced, online course Business Family Fundamentalsâ„¢. The version for professionals, similar to the version for family members but with more tools and exercises, is designed to help all professionals develop fruitful discussions with constituents in the family, the business and with owners.

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(Multiple voices) It matters to me. It matters to me. It matters to me. It matters to me. It matters to me. We didn’t have proper leadership. We couldn’t get along well. After Dad died, we didn’t know what to do. (Narrator) Did you know that more than 70% of all business worldwide are family owned and managed? More than half of family business will fail to get through the next generation, because of lack of planning and avoiding leadership. We can make a difference. Business Families Foundation has created Business Family Fundamentals, an online course for all professionals working with, or in, family business. Divided into three parts, it provides a good overview of family business dynamics, while also portraying the processes and structures necessary for a successful family in business. (Clip) We’re here to welcome her fiancée, not to talk business. (Clip) That’s my father. On paper I’m ... View More a vice president, but in reality, I’m just his daughter. (Narrator) And the techniques and ideas we can use to help build a success and support our clients in preparing for succession and transition. (Clip) In this unit, you will be introduced to a process entitled ‘The Stepping Stones’. (Narrator) Business Family Fundamentals is qualified for continuous education credits worldwide by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the CFA institute. It is recognized by recognized by law societies, institutes of charted accountants, and more. Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of participation that can be applied to your continuing professional development, and you can connect with professionals of your discipline and from other disciplines at all times through the online courses chat space. We’re making a difference. (Multiple voices/languages) I’m making a difference.