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Setting clear communication boundaries in a family business can be complicated and every family is unique in how they decide to balance their work life and their family life. Often in a family business, business matters transgress into family conversation, and family dynamics are apparent in the work place. To ensure the success of a family business, it is important to define clear work roles for each family member, as well as to constantly communicate in order to reduce the instance of conflict among family members.

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So, here`s what I was thinking. When mom and dad pass down the family business to us, I know how to keep things really simple. One hat for when we talk about family things, another hat for when we talk about business things. A clear boundary between family and business.

You know, in real life, it`s hard to stick to clear boundaries.

Just watch. Oh hey! Let`s talk about our joint birthday parties! Oh no, I don`t agree with that idea. We’ll definitely have to bring it up at the next board meeting. You see?

Yeah, so, two hats. Which we keep all the time.

Of course.

But when you’re suggesting this hat idea, are you doing it with the family hat, or the business hat?

... View More Well, I’m suggesting it for our family, so I’m talking with the family hat. But I’m talking about how we do business, so I guess I need the business hat too? Yeah, those boundaries aren’t as clear as I thought.

Well, that’s family business for you. Hey, we’ll figure it out! You want some coffee?