Family Business

The ferragamo family business initial dreams & vision: part 2


3 min




Listen to Wanda Ferragamo, whose family owns and operates Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A., an Italian luxury goods company, continue to describe how her husband's dream became a family owned international luxury brand and how family values drove the business growth.





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Salvatore’s dream was to that his work would continue and the children would be together in the same company with different tasks, harmoniously going on. They take all the same salary. If they need something of Ferragamo items, product, they pay for it. They have their own account, and they pay with a discount of course, but each one of them can buy everything they want, their wives, children, but they have their own account. Perhaps one buys ten, pays for ten items, another one buys two, pays for two, just like normal customer. They have the same shares. The company belongs to all six of them not to me, I do not have not one single share, and I do not mind at all. I do not work for the shares. I work because of ideals of my husband and children. I always say you must love each ... View More other for each one of you is indispensable. Now according to their position for the company, each one of you is indispensable, and then you must love also for another reason, because each one brings income for the other. I wish them to not forget what their grandfather did at the beginning, what I have done, to honor his work, the work of Salvatore, and to follow the road of honesty, and loyalty, and love people, respect the others, help the other people, because it comes back.