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Partnership opportunities

Business Families Foundation provides a wide variety of educational material including online courses, interactive activities, expert and peer interviews, tutorials and teaching tools. All of our content is destined to support business families in overcoming the challenges they face in succession, transition, communication, leadership and much more.

Whether you are a family business organization, an independent advisor, consulting firm or corporation looking to support family businesses, there are many ways to leverage the materials and resources developed by Business Families Foundation.

Which partnership is right for you?

Practitioner’s License

This license is meant for an independent family business consultant, to support and develop relationships with clients. Practitioners can share resources to help start conversations or help clients go through self-diagnostic exercises. Consultants will also find models and tools that will help them communicate concepts, structures and best practices to their business family clients.

Teaching License

This license is meant mainly for family business Universities and other teaching bodies who wish to educate medium to large groups on essential family business topics. This license allows teachers or facilitators to integrate BFF content into their curriculums and transmit BFF videos and other content in a class setting.

Distribution License

This license is meant for family business membership organizations or peer groups that wish to provide widespread access to online family business education to their network or members. These organizations may integrate BFF content into the events they organize, trainings and workshops that they facilitate or encourage self-learning online to their members.

Strategic Alliances

These partnerships are designed for the purpose of co-creating new educational content and material, often featuring experts or models introduced by the partnering organization. From instructional design, content development, focus groups, programming and distribution, we can truly do it all together to make an impact in the world of family business education.

Partner Benefits Practitioner’s License Teaching License Distribution License Strategic Alliances
Access to BFF Material (Includes tutorials and premium features) 2 premium access Promo Codes 10 premium access Promo Codes Premium access For Registred Members Unlimited Premium access
Rights to Share BFF Material One-on-One (For conversation trigger and concept/theory demo) checked checked checked checked
Rights to Display BFF Material in Classrooms (Display functions only, includes facilitation tools and manuals) checked checked checked
Visibility on BFF Website (Logo, link and organization’s details on our Partners Page) checked checked checked
Use of BFF Material in Workshops & Events (Display functions & individual access to participants) checked checked
Personalized Platform (Branded & accessed by organization’s members and network) checked checked
Co-branded Content (Special features of experts and concepts within material) checked

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