• What topics does Business Families Foundation address?

    Business Families Foundation covers the soft skills of family business. We help you tackle the issues that are often left unaddressed, like succession planning, communication, governance and multi-generational leadership. Check out our CATALOGUE for a full list of topics.

  • How did Business Families Foundation get started?

    Business Families Foundation began when Mr. and Mme. de Gaspé Beaubien recognized a need to connect, inspire, and educate those involved in family business. With the support of other families, faculty and experts, they began to execute their mission of contributing to the family business community in Canada and around the world. Visit our ABOUT US page for more on the history of the foundation.

  • What is Business Families Foundation’s mission?

    Business Families Foundation’s mission is to create a world where the family business model is sustainable for generations, by equipping families with tools that enable them to ask the RIGHT questions, and make EDUCATED decisions for the family and the business. For FREE access to our tools and resources, click HERE.

  • Who does Business Families Foundation collaborate with?

    Business Families Foundation collaborates with families, experts, academics, professional organizations and network organizations to develop and distribute the most relevant online content for family business. Check out our MEET THE EXPERTS page and our PARTNERS page for more information.

  • How does Business Families Foundation choose the experts they work with?

    Business Families Foundation works with some of the most recognized names in family business. These experts have made significant contributions to the field in research and working directly with business families. For a full list, visit our MEET THE EXPERTS page.

  • Does Business Families Foundation host events?

    Business Families Foundation primarily hosts events for its PARTNERS, NEXT GENERATION, and WOMEN community; however in celebration of Business Families Foundation’s 25th Anniversary this year Business Families Foundation will be hosting a one-of-a-kind event, the FAMILY MATTERS | FORUM 2015 – Find out more on our EVENTS page!

  • What is the Women in Enterprising Families Initiative?

    The WEFI was developed to recognize, support, and connect women deeply involved in family business. Check our brand new WEFI page to learn more.

  • What does Business Families Foundation have to offer for the Next Generation?

    Business Families Foundation offers both events and online education to the next gen community. To network with other next gens, and find out more about upcoming events, check out our FACEBOOK page! For online education, check out our CHANGING GEARS unit in the CATALOGUE or visit our NEXT GEN page to find content relevant to the next gen community.

  • What is the difference between the Freemium and Premium account?

    In the FREEMIUM account you will find videos, articles and infographics featuring interviews with enterprising family members as well as with academics and expert professionals in the field. In the PREMIUM account you will find all our multi-media education – courses, interactive actives, as well as all that is included in the Freemium account.

  • How can I sign up for a Freemium account?

    Just submit your name and email into the fields below – it takes seconds and is completely FREE!

  • How can I sign up for a Premium account?

    Just submit your name and email into the fields below and continue to check out – It’s easy and takes less than 2 minutes!

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