Trademark Usage Guidelines

The Business Families Foundation (the “BFF”) develops high quality educational material for business families, professionals working with business families, and undergraduate and graduate students. The BFF’s trademarks (the “Trademarks”) are valuable assets that identify its products and services and distinguish them from those of other organizations. The proper use of the BFF’s Trademarks by individuals and entities is essential. Any use that does not comply with the following Guidelines is strictly prohibited.

For the purposes of these Guidelines, (i) the term Trademark(s) includes all registered or unregistered trademarks owned by the BFF, including but not limited to any trademarks listed on the BFF Trademark List, and (ii) the term Material(s) includes, without limitation, workbooks, guides, manuals, study materials, texts, leaflets, periodicals, magazines, advertisements, press releases, educational programs, seminars, conferences, handouts, slides, presentations, animations, images, videos, CDs, DVDs, Web (Internet) pages, iPad and iPhone applications, on any platforms and in any format, and any other types of written, electronic or multimedia content or material.

General Rules for Use of the Trademarks

  • Only authorized use

    Third parties, wherever they are located, may only use BFF’s Trademarks if authorized by a license agreement or pursuant to a written authorization for specific use regardless of the Material or the form of media where the Trademarks are to be used.

  • Attribution to Business Families Foundation

    There must always be a specific attribution of the Trademarks to BFF whenever they are displayed on any Material.

    Example: “BUSINESS FAMILIES FOUNDATION ROAD MAP FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL FAMILIES logo is a trademark of Business Families Foundation used in Canada and other countries”.

  • Avoidance of confusion

    To avoid confusion with the BFF’s Trademarks, third parties must refrain from using or attempting to register any of the BFF’s Trademarks and/or any potentially confusing variations thereof, as part of any trademarks, company names, trade names, product names, service names or domain names, website titles, publication titles or the like without the specific written authorization of the BFF.

    The BFF’s Trademarks must not be mimicked or copied in any manner.

    Example: do not use course names that resemble those of the BFF’s courses.

  • Disclaimer of sponsorship

    Do not display the BFF’s Trademarks as a primary or prominent feature on any materials that are not genuine BFF products or services. Always include a disclaimer of authorization, sponsorship, or endorsement by the BFF on any publication or other materials that display BFF’s Trademarks.

    Example: “[Title] is an independent (publication) and has not been authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by the Business Families Foundation.”

  • Appropriate trademark symbols

    Apply in superscript the ® symbol for registered trademarks and the ™ symbol for unregistered.

    Trademark symbols should, at a minimum, be applied upon the first appearance of every BFF Trademark. Trademark symbols must not be used when referring to the corporate entity Business Families Foundation.

  • Proper and consistent use

    The BFF’s Trademarks must be used in a consistent form and spelling, exactly as displayed on the BFF Trademark List, and only as proper nouns or proper adjectives.

    Example: “The ROAD MAP FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL FAMILIES™ course is an educational program of 10 units developed by the Business Families Foundation and used by [Affiliate] pursuant to a license agreement.”

    Do not use the Trademarks in the possessive or plural form. Moreover, do not combine them with each other or with the trademark of another organization. Do not shorten, hyphen, abbreviate or create acronyms out of the BFF’s Trademarks.

  • Highlight Trademarks

    Whenever possible, display the design version of every Trademark rather than just the text. When only text Trademarks are used, set the whole BFF Trademark apart from surrounding text by using different font, bold, underline or italic font, all capital letters or initial caps or by placing the Trademarks within quotes.

Special Rules for the Use of Design Trademarks (“Logos”)

  • Proportions

    When using BFF’s Logos always display them exactly as they appear on the BFF Trademark List. Do not change the proportions or the design of the elements that compose the Logos. Example of improper use:

    Do not recreate or modify the Logos in any way. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, do not move elements or insert new graphic elements. Example of improper use:

    Do not change the font or the angle of the letters and do not italicize or bold them. Example of improper use:

  • Size

    Always display BFF’s Logos in a scale and size that allows the logotypes to be clearly read by an average person. Do not display the Logos in a scale and size that makes the text illegible. Example of improper use:

  • Spacing

    Always maintain a minimum clear space (equal to the height of the biggest letter used in a Logo or exceeding it) around the BFF’s Logos.

  • Colours

    Whenever displaying the BUSINESS FAMILIES FOUNDATION logo in colour (rather than displaying it in black and white), ensure that the infinity sign is displayed in blue (Pantone® 273 C) and that the words BUSINESS FAMILIES FOUNDATION are displayed in black (Pantone® black 80%). When displaying any other BFF Logo, display it in black and white or use the colors specific to the trademark

    Do not alter, change or modify any of the colours of the BFF’s logos.


  • Infinity icon

    Whenever displaying any BFF Logo never use the infinity icon (the lemniscate) alone, without the words and typeface of the original BFF designs. Example of improper use:

    Furthermore, avoid using the infinity icon for any activities, products or services that are similar to those of the BFF. Example of improper use:

Concluding Remarks and Recommendations

  • Validation

    Whenever there is a doubt that a proposed use of any BFF Trademark is in compliance with these Guidelines, consider providing the BFF with samples of Materials displaying any of its Trademarks in their proposed use and obtaining specific written authorization for such proposed use.
  • Corrections and objections

    The BFF reserves its right to demand the immediate correction, modification or removal of any Trademarks whose use does not comply with these Guidelines. Any refusal or failure to acquiesce to and/or comply with such a request may lead to the immediate termination of any authorization to use the Trademarks. Any such termination shall be deemed valid and binding and it shall be without prejudice to the BFF’s other rights, recourses and remedies.
  • Infringement

    The BFF specifically reserves its right to object to and institute any legal action that it deems appropriate to prevent any improper or unacceptable use or misuse of its Trademarks or any use in violation of any applicable laws. Upon becoming aware of any actual or threatened infringement of the BFF’s Trademarks or any situation that could result in any confusion with its Trademarks, immediately provide us with a succinct memo that details such actual or threatened infringement by notifying us at

View the current BFF Trademark List and color chart. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines please contact us at

Last Updated: January 2014